Stockings or tights: that selects lady?

Stockings or tights: that selects lady?
 Millions of men and women around the world argue and philosophize, that is still better and more elegant - stockings or tights? But this argument does not seem to solve. It is better to try to determine empirically that chooses a lady?

Tights - is an element of women's clothing, a kind of symbiosis stockings and trousers. Today, tights are made mostly of nylon, lycra or spandex. The undoubted advantage of this accessory is considered that the tights are more versatile than the stockings that are more candid and uncomfortable for everyday wear.

Tights can easily be put exclusively to warming, for example, in the winter under pants. Wearing pantyhose to work - this is a mandatory element of female dress code.

Well chosen model, combined with your clothes and shoes, will emphasize your taste and beauty legs. The only thing to remember is the fact that pantyhose with a brilliant shade should be avoided. Such an option will look quite vulgar and absolutely tasteless. Also true lady never wear tights, that bear a major figure or have artificial holes and tightening, as the true queen of taste should look elegant, but not to attract public attention cheap shocking.

It is best to have in her wardrobe classic tights in black or flesh-colored, as they always successfully fit to any skirt. By the way, when you are ready and going out, make sure to look in the mirror: Pantyhose should be well stretched. In addition to the practicality and convenience of tights should be noted, however, that they protect you from varicose veins, which in today's days are not uncommon.

Stockings are considered more feminine and sexy than tights. In many surveys men say that this female accessory they like the most, but what gets women elected them? Firstly, the stockings are a symbol of excellent taste, and perhaps more stockings accentuate the beauty of your feet. As a rule, the most popular option for this lady considered strictly black stockings, because on the one hand, they look quite officially, on the other - very sexy, ie you are doing and focus your mind, and your beauty. The world has always been crazy about women in stockings, no wonder their homeland is considered to France, the country of fashion and style. Selecting them, you absolutely can not go wrong.

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