Star style: colored jeans

Star style: colored jeans
 Colored jeans - another modern trend among celebrities. Meet the actresses in these pants can be anywhere - at star parties, shops and cafes. Repeat their style sought by many ladies all over the world. However, one should take into account the rules of such models wearing clothes that they have decorated and not spoiled.
 Purple, green, bright pink, blue and turquoise - choose colored jeans today is not a problem. The beauty of these models is that a woman can wear them any build - as thin and complete. The shops are full of different styles of trousers.

Jeans have become known to the world in 1873, when Levis and Davis received a patent for their manufacture. Since then, this type of clothing has undergone various transformations and become a welcome piece of clothing for different segments of the population. In pursuit of customers to develop various options for jeans - narrowed, pipes, flared. Once the designers have decided to play with colors. And now the world has the ability to not only wear blue and black jeans, but also color.

Picking up the top to his jeans, do not try to overload its details, prints and other decorative elements. Otherwise it will be lost for the beauty of color bottom. Stylists are advised to give preference topam calm colors - cream, beige, pale pink, gray, etc. Alternatively, you can choose to color jeans black leather jacket, jacket, tunic. From shoes to choose such shoes or boots that are visually lengthen the leg. Remember that colored jeans cut so that they can not be too low down on the heel. Gachi length should be up to the calf.

As for accessories, pick them very carefully. For example, if you want to add colored jeans belt, do not take too big belt buckles bright. Too much emphasis spoil the impression of an image, turn you into a tasteless lady who can not pick things up correctly. Best suited thin strap that delicately accentuate the waist and at the same time will not be too stand out.

Quality colored jeans - it's pants, which are used in the manufacture of colored threads. If you see that the jeans just painted a particular color, please refrain from the purchase. After all, it is a fake.

To your jeans have always been bright and color continued to please you, to care for them properly. Laundry Follow the instructions on the label. Usually involves the use of washing water at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. After washing the jeans do not wring. Just flatten and spread out evenly on a smooth surface. And stroking them is not necessary. If you comply with all recommendations for maintenance of jeans and socks, they will long to please you and make you look very bright and not ordinary.

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