Selecting the stars of the main board of the season

Selecting the stars of the main board of the season
 Designers create fashion, but its mass are movie stars, podium and stage. In the desire to be like famous actresses, models and singers, girls and women are closely watching their dresses. This allows you to be truly fashionable, so to speak - in the trend. Not to be outdone, and this time, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of the stars and identify the main dress of the season.  
 On the red carpet around the world this season flash dress from designer Stella McCartney. They fell in love with Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler for perfectly shaped silhouette of an optical illusion. The fact that the dress Stella McCartney visually make a figure several times slimmer thanks to a contrasting color inserts on the sides vertical. But not only girls with forms so choose effective way to lose weight "for one moment": the model Kate Moss also sheltered in her wardrobe a black mini dress with accents of color "nude".

Bustier dress "A-Line" from the extravagant designer Vivienne Westwood has acquired enormous popularity after the release of the full-length film "Sex and the City." On his first marriage, Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw recognized fashionista, shone in a white dress Lily. Since then, all the ladies doted on this model. According to the designer, the secret to the success of Lily that everyone can choose the length and trim the bottom to your taste. Remains unchanged only the top - in the form of a bustier, and excellent quality.

Again, the choice of stars stopped at a dress from Stella McCartney. At this time, the designer has created one of the main season dresses made of cloth with "waffle" print. Many fashion gurus still do not understand the craze stars very specific pattern. But experience shows that the mini, maxi and midi dresses, cut that never repeats itself, is increasingly found on the red carpet. Among the stars of the first magnitude chose this outfit Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Among the stars are very popular Russian dress from designer Alexander Terekhov (Alexander Terekhov). Plain clothes "on the floor", ¾ sleeves and virtually absent neckline front conquered the hearts of fashionistas who appear in them at dinner parties, charity concerts, social events. One of the first thing tried on the dress of the season Svetlana Bondarchuk and Oksana Fandera.

Dress in antique style "a`la Russe" has often been seen on the red carpet of the Moscow International Film Festival. They are made of light fabric, have elongated silhouette and the original gate-harness. On this model was chosen stars like fashion guru Evelyn Khromtchenko, Ravshana Kurkova actress, singer Sati Casanova.

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