Secrets of an attractive image

Secrets of an attractive image
 For any woman, it is important to look seductive and attractive. Especially when she goes on a date with her beloved man. However, the idea of ​​beauty and sexuality between the sexes is not always converge. Therefore, creating an image to meet with a guy, it is worth considering a number of important points.
 Choosing clothes remember two rules. Firstly, the emphasis should be only one, so a blouse with a deep neckline should not be combined with a short skirt. You want to look sexy but not vulgar? The second rule: Clothing should emphasize the curves of the body, to be as feminine.

The perfect outfit for a date, walk or a romantic dinner - this dress. Air summer dress or a strict dress-case can reduce a man crazy. In addition, thanks to a wide selection of styles, you can choose exactly the model that will emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. Owners of narrow shoulders and a modest bust should choose dresses with puffed sleeves and neckline pumps - these details will help to give the amount of the upper body. Those who wish to visually narrow hips, fit models with high-waisted skirt or wide flying sun flared. Select the line waist belt helps handsome or narrow cut model. Pay attention to the material of the dress sewn: knitted sits perfectly on a figure, but make extra inches more visible and sewn from thick corduroy or velvet visually make the figure wider.

Another win-win situation - perfect fitting jeans. If you can boast slim, long legs, choose a narrow "pipes", skinny thighs and calves. Straight jeans classic style, on the contrary, perfectly conceal flaws, so they fit almost every woman. The main thing - to find your size. Combine denim pants can be anything. Silk blouse or tunic will add femininity and fitted jacket or a jacket - rigor.

Once you have decided on a dress, it's time to take care of hair and makeup. Sophisticated styling is worth keeping for special occasions. Men prefer natural, so the best option for a meeting with a young man will loose hair. The main thing that they were freshly scrubbed and well groomed. And if you drizzle on a wet head slightly favorite perfume, it is easy fragrant cloud will surround you throughout the date.

Should not be too bright or intense makeup. To create a smooth and natural complexion, use concealer or powder. Cheeks blush Otten and whiskey, but be careful when using them. Lengthening mascara will make your eyes expressiveness, but to get involved smokey eyes without sufficient experience is not necessary - the result may not be the most successful. On the lips, apply a clear gloss with menthol - it will make them more attractive for bulk and kisses.

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