Red and Black: fatal

Red and Black: fatal
 Red and black are perfect and complement each other. This combination of colors in clothes never go out of style and will always attract the attention of a woman who is not afraid to be bright and independent.
 Successfully combining these colors, you can create your own completely unique way. Red - the color of strength, vitality, unbridled passion and set off the elegance of black - the color of status and power. Depending on the shades and combinations, you can create a gothic or sexy image, or the image of a confident and independent woman.

Modern designers love to use it has become a classic combination of colors. Black pants with a bright red sweater or blouse - is the official style, but it emphasizes a bright personality. But black top with a red bottom - this is an outfit for an informal setting. Will help you stand out at the party, and black dress with bright red trim. Or vice versa, the red dress with black elements.

But such a bold style requires an appropriate makeup and matching accessories. Too discreet make-up will cause that person to be lost on the background of bright dresses and too challenging and bright make you vulgar. Better not to use lipstick red and burgundy, and neat black arrows on the eyes will be quite appropriate.

If you need a little to soften the image of the femme fatale, dilute red and black still some suitable color. If you add white, you get the image of a mature and self-confident woman, and gray is perfect for the office business style.

Red and black - bright, visible colors. Their use requires a very good taste not to cross the line between brightness and vulgarity. If you wear black and red - Be attentive to their accessories, makeup and manners. In addition, items of cheap material unacceptable. Color saturation, hue and its fabric from which sewed thing - everything must be in harmony, "expensive" and tasteful. Stand out from the crowd with the help of colorful clothes is easy, but to stand out and stay at an altitude of - much harder!

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