Pantyhose or stockings?

Pantyhose or stockings?
 The modern woman, especially one that lives in central Russia, with its unpredictable weather, is not life without the tights and stockings. A choice of two of these accessories at women appeared relatively recently - in the 20th century, when they were invented pantyhose. Prior to that, ladies treated only stockings. Modern hosiery pantyhose products meet all the requirements of and can be worn with pants and skirts. So what do you choose: stockings or tights?


Some hundred years ago, no woman could not imagine that in the future its descendants will be able to do without this subject toilets. Stockings included in the compulsory program of decent clothes ladies winter they were wool in the summer - kapron, and almost always - uncomfortable and rub tender skin. Now everything has changed: modern stockings barely felt in the leg, and thanks to the silicone gum does not require a belt and garters. However, these accessories are still used by the fair sex, but not in everyday life, and in romantic, intimate setting. Even the stockings of casual wear has long been turned into a parade output. They are worn under skirts and dresses, with the expectation that the edge of the lace gum flashed before the interested eyes of the target male audience. Also stockings are essential in the heat, if the outfit requires their presence, or the dress code does not allow to come to work or celebration with bare feet. 


They were invented specifically for the mini-skirt. When the ladies mid-20th century as one put "bits of cloth", it became clear that wearing socks with them should not be too controversial views. Like stockings, tights have been a number of changes for the better. Those who want to adjust the shape, namely the stomach and hips, you should choose tights with sculpting effect. For lovers bryuchek with low waist produced special tights that will not be put out of the waistband. And finally, just tights and stockings are not, doctors strongly recommend girls to wear during the cold season. After all, female bodies so susceptible to hypothermia, so that any additional layer of clothing will only benefit them.

Two in One

For those who are used to the tights, but I would like to look seductive and romantic, as in stockings and designers have found a way. Today released tights with a pattern imitating lace elastic stockings and "arrows" behind. So if there is a need to feel like Marilyn Monroe (which, as is known, recognized only silk stockings), you should choose this option.

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