Modest beauties: the basics of oriental style

Modest beauties: the basics of oriental style
 Recently, one of the most common types of folk-style clothing is the oriental style. It attracts people not only for its exotic, but also a seductive image, perfectly combined with modesty, related especially like the residents of the eastern countries.

That modesty is the basic principle of creating clothing patterns in oriental style, because Arab girls can show others only hands and feet, and everything else they hide under the spacious dresses.

For oriental style characterized by the use of light fabrics such as chiffon, silk or satin. Spacious clothing made of them, flowing through the body, emphasizing the beautiful feminine silhouette, but it does not reveals nothing more. An excellent example of clothes in oriental style are Afghanis, which is sometimes called Aladdin.

In oriental style cut clothing is always in the background, and comes to the fore the beauty and quality of the material. These outfits are always very bright, often have large prints or ethnic patterns, most often it is the so-called "cucumber".

Modesty in dress is compensated not only the brightness of fabrics, but also an abundance of various accessories. They must be bright, large, to attract attention. Creating oriental image, you can use a variety of necklaces, bracelets, stones and rhinestones. Very attractive looks thin chain with a pendant worn on the ankle.

Traditional footwear used in oriental style - Embroidered shoes with curled toes, sandals on a thin flat shoes or clogs.

An important detail is the oriental style make-up. The foundation under it should have a golden tan color as all the inhabitants of the eastern countries have dark skin. The focus is on the eyes, as women in these countries are traditionally the veil, and her eyes - the only open part of their faces, they are trying to emphasize to attract attention. In the make-up used bright black eyeliner and mascara gives volume and long eyelashes.

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