Make-up for the boot

Make-up ? ?
 Nothing can last forever, and clear dry days will be replaced suddenly cold and slush, light open sandals and moccasins shoes need to be replaced, shoes and boots. Someone will rush at once into a trendy boutique, anyone - to the market. And some just would get from the mezzanine box with your favorite boots, which are well preserved to last season.

Knowledge of certain rules of care for shoes can help not only to maintain its beautiful appearance, but also significantly prolong life.

If you dry the soaked shoes near the fire or heater, the skin loses elasticity and quickly as a result of deformation. If this happens, soften your parched shoes petrolatum, glycerin, castor or vegetable oil. With temperatures reaching over 50 degrees, you can only dry shoes, textiles and manufactured with stitched sole.

Absorbs moisture plain paper. Tamp old newspapers shoes or boots, so you can quickly dry even soaking wet shoes. After drying shoes is essential to apply a thin layer of shoe polish. After 10 minutes, clean it with a brush and shoe polish polishing cloth or chamois.

Street dust and dirt strongly destroy the skin. To prevent this, the first thing coming from the street, shoes, wipe with a damp, then dry cloth shoe.

Any grease stains from leather boots can be easily removed with a soda solution, prepared from 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 0, 5 cups of water. Apply the solution to the surface of the shoe and overwrites the spot until a foam which was immediately clear, dry cloth. Remaining after the use of soda white stains can be easily removed ordinary vinegar.

Many problems gives its owner suede shoes. In order to best clean the shoes of suede, hold it over the pre-steam. Refresh can it with ammonia. Just apply it on the shoes and rub the surface with fine sandpaper.

The unpleasant odor specific shoes can be quickly eliminated if rub it in hydrogen peroxide.

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