How to wear a black dress

How to wear a black dress
 Since the establishment of the universal black dress by Coco Chanel gorgeous it does not lose its relevance and novelty. This article of clothing, of course, have long does not look like in the days of Coco, but that he only wins in elegance and style. Black dress suitable for all social events: a dinner party or dinner, weddings and parties. And so it seemed every time a new way, it's easy to spice up beautiful, bright accessories.
 The invention Chanel was originally the property of favorites - refined, rigorous, without of free inserts and decorations. And due to restraint of dress today it has become universal and compatible with all, what your imagination.

Actual look great, or, conversely, rope belt on top of a close fitting black dress. The belt can be as bright acid colors and neutral tones. On a black background version of any of the accessory will be appropriate.

In addition to the original black dress will be colored tights. Naturally, to experiment with bold colors standing in the selection of an image for a party or celebration, not for the office or business meeting.

Give individuality jacket, jacket or short coat combined with a little black dress. This item is always possible to throw off his shoulders and instantly reincarnate your business style in evening dress.

Put on a pair of colorful "sassy" shoes. Nothing so allocate your gorgeous shoes with huge silk bows, causing red sole, clowny pointed toes, deliberate fur trim, crazy lace inserts and the like, as a combination of black wardrobe.

And, of course, to create a classic image, put on a black dress and a string of natural pearl earrings with precious stones. Of accessories give preference to a tiny clutch Handbags and shoes from - studs or high-heeled boots. And, of course, with a black dress would be appropriate kinds of silk scarves, cravats. Or wide-miniature hat and gloves in fine mesh only complement your expressive style of a true lady.

If you do not want to accessories and ornaments detract from the beauty of the surrounding cut, the original fabric, style, model of your favorite black dress, just put on a pair of dark shoes, flesh-colored stockings, take in the tone of her purse. Courage and a challenge, though, and as such are good, but do not always have to be accompanied by a classic black dress - sophisticated and independent article of clothing.

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