How to look bright

How to look bright
 Some women prefer the intense colors of the clothes and bright make-up, looks very stylish. And others, trying to imagine the bright colors, are similar to the vulgar women "easy virtue". Look tasteful and bright at the same time manages only to those who listen to the advice of professional make-up artists and stylists.
 The basic requirement is to allocate the right make-up on her face only one element. This must be the lips or eyes. Light golden, beige, brown or pale blue shadows can be applied if a bright accent is on the lips. Mouth in this case, you can make up a rich pink, red or brown.

Then, with the task of "how to emphasize your eyes" to help cope gloss or lipstick neutral, light colors. And the eyes, respectively, need to touch up dark mascara and eyeliner, as well as highlight the brighter shades.

Total color cosmetics line have to match the color of the selected clothes. Red elements of the dress well with bright lipstick, and a saturated blue or violet shade similar items suitable shade.

Stylists recommend to decorate with bright, eye-catching accessories outfits calm colors. On the contrary, it is desirable to choose colorful clothes bright decorative elements. All details of the costume must be in harmony with each other and create an impression of integrity and unity of the chosen direction, highlight the style and personality of the woman.

It is not necessary to combine clothing items more than three colors, otherwise this outfit will make its possessor like a parrot. The classic combination of colors in the clothes of white, black or gray, you can diversify, choosing a catchy details and rich colors.

It is advisable to wear light-colored items in the upper part of the suit, and the bottom to make it darker. This choice of colors may initially seem rather conservative, but always give its owner harmony and grace.

Women who are ready to experiment with your appearance, you can pick up a multi-layer outfit, combining it at first glance incongruous things desirable bright and calm colors.

This option is ideal for young, risky girls avoidant dullness and monotony. Allow to stand out from the masses of people and be sure to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

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