How to dress for the beach

How to dress for the beach
 Vacation - is the bright sun, the beach and the sea. On vacation I want to look stunning, it does not need a dozen suitcases with things. Only need to select a few essential items of clothing of excellent quality and plenty of accessories to complete their ensembles.
 Before the summer season review fashion magazines to be "in the know" and learn what designers are advised to wear to the beach. Make an audit of your wardrobe and get rid of faded elongated leotard. Joyful and cheerful mood will bring you a vivid colorful new things.

Start selection of clothes for the beach with a bathing suit. Its quality has to be on top, because the Chinese consumer goods quickly fails and decorate your figure. Suit fabric must be elastic and thick so as not to spread out in the water. On the beach look great swimwear juicy colors, interesting design and original prints.

On the beach you will need a spare bathing suit, because you must be prepared for any eventuality. If you will not be able to change, rest near the water can be spoiled.

Do not forget about accessories. Notice offered in a large range of tunics, pareos, sarongs for the beach. These gizmos do not take up much space in your luggage, so you can buy a few sarongs, for example. This unique article of clothing can become an instant sun-dress, a skirt, a hat or an evening dress.

Simple rectangle bright quality fabrics simply irreplaceable on the beach. Pre-work out different ways to tie a pareo to do it with grace and ease.

On a sunny beach you will need a headdress. Pick it to the unitard. For sports model fit caps and bandanas, a romantic costume - wide-brimmed hats decorated with ribbons and flowers. Look great hats of straw with wavy edges.

Select high-quality durable slate, with plums for water and ventilation. Such products will save the foot of the fungus, which can develop rapidly in a moist environment. It is better to use a special model for the pool and the beach, not city sandals.

All his things you need to put in a comfortable beach bag. This may be a woven basket, a product of transparent plastic or canvas bag. Choose a model, combined with your beach wardrobe.

Be sure to take the big sunglasses and the means to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation.

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