How to cut out pants

How to cut out pants
 The first model of women's trousers appeared relatively recently - in the early 40-ies of the last century, they began to wear an American. They represented a wide trousers, covered from top to shorter skirt. Now select any favorite model can only do some shopping. However, some women prefer to sew their own pants.
 Select your favorite model, find the right fabric and thread color, and forward - to the construction of the required pattern. It is not so difficult. However, we must consider the fact that errors may occur. But should not get upset - in fact competent pattern will fix them easily.

Before starting work, remove the measurements. In order to construct a pattern, you'll need the following: a semicircle waist, hips semicircle, long pants to the knee length trousers side, the width of the bottom. Also, do not forget to set parameters such as gain on the free customized fit at the waist and hips (it depends on how tightly fitting pants you want to). It is desirable to measure three check marks: girth knee, ankle and hip.

Begin to build a pattern. To do this you need to draw two lines perpendicular to each other. Determine the point of intersection and mark its letter, the best T1. This point will help you determine the height of the seat. To do this, use the formula T1YA1 = 0 x 5 (+ semicircle hip hip allowance) + 1 cm. So you calculate the height of the seat. On the pattern it will look like a vertical line drawn from a point to point T1 H1 at a distance, get on this formula.

Also, calculate the line width of the hips and the product of this parameter. Only now have to carry out a line from point to point H1 B1 and B2, respectively. In addition, the line has to be horizontal.

Next, proceed to the determination of the width of the pitch. It will be referred to your drawing as H2 and H3 point. This calculation is necessary according to the formula 0, 1 x (+ poluobhvat hip hip allowance). Line route from the point of H2 to the right horizontally by a distance obtained from the formula. There Tick H3. At the same time, define a fold line. It will be YA1YA3: 2. At this point, place a check mark and name it ya through it draw a vertical line up to intersection points with lines B and T.

Now the line of the knee. Distance to it is equal to a previous measure length to the knee. To mark her in the drawing, from the point T on the fold line down, measure the distance, which intends to put yourself out there and point C. Through it in both directions horizontally swipe line.

Trousers length is calculated by label length trousers side. Delay her from the waist point T. For this down along the fold line, measure a predetermined value, and there is a period in N. Also, draw a horizontal line. Calculate the line width of the trouser by hem formula HH1 HH2 = 0 = 5 x (width trouser bottom - 2). From H to the left and set aside vparvo line, still get and set point indicator H1 - H2 and left - right. Consider the fact that the width of pants can not be greater than the rate of girth ankle.

The width of the pants to the knee line will be KK1 KK2 = = HH1. The width of the knee may bytkak larger or smaller than the width at the bottom line, but can not be greater than the circumference of the knee. From point to again postpone uniform line in both directions, still got indicator. Line stepper complete your cut below the division, joining K2 and H2.

Arrange line defining the waist line. It is calculated by the formula: 0, 5 x (Poluobhvat waist waist + allowance) + two darts, the width of which is equal to 2 cm. The point will be called T4. Put on appropriate line drawing. Tuck define the folding line and in the middle of the segment from the point T4.

Arrange the cut line side and bottom. To do this, connect the points YA1K1 more direct, divide it in half and set aside from the intersection of the deflection of 0, 5.7, see. Line the bottom of a straight line drawn N1N2.

When cutting is required to observe the direction of the fabric. Equal to the need for equity thread that determines the line zautyuzhki front and rear halves (better known as "arrows") should pass it to her. Along this same line to be cut belt for trousers. It equals poluobhvatu waist + 10 cm. The width of the part is equal to 7-8 cm.

Remember that the front of the trousers should be carved out with the codpiece. Of course, keep in mind all the seam allowances and for subsequent processing. Do not bypass the attention and various wedges and belt loops - they help to hide any mistakes, errors or defects in the pattern.

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