How to choose the color combination

How to choose the color combination
 Combinations of colors, not only can enhance the style and image of the person, they also affect the mental and physical health. Outfit matched in harmonious colors, decorate and cheer up, talk about the character and personality of the wearer it.
 Choose clothes, jewelry, accessories should be those colors that are pleasing to man. Incorrectly selected range may be detrimental to the mood and ruin your whole day. Outfit or room can be monochrome. But one and the same color many different shades, such as blue, sapphire, indigo, blue, celestial, cornflower, etc. Can not be combined in a suit these different shades - it can only one can vary the tone or saturation.

Choose a contrasting coloring. Black and red, pink and light gray, pale beige emphasizes the depth of blue. Not everyone likes a combination of bright and contrasting colors. Some will say that dark purple in perfect harmony with the grass-green, others call a range of vulgar and tasteless.

The most successful coloring is a combination of three colors that are quite close to each other in the color wheel, but do not merge. For example: burgundy, pink and lilac; canary yellow, orange and red, and many other combinations.

Pick clothes, make-up, interior, given the importance of each color. A lot of white clothing creates an image of innocence and purity. This color makes the room brighter, creates a feeling of freshness. Blue should be included in your wardrobe when you want to look naive and innocently.

Blue creates an image of a serious man. The presence of purple clothing adds mystery, will create the image of an intelligent person. If a girl wants to look bold and unusual, she should wear a red thing. Orange and yellow colors make a person more cheerful and joyful. To emphasize your style and personality, you can wear a thing green.

Psychologists say that man developed a sense of beauty, if he combines his clothes gray with purple. Travelers with fantasy choose purple and yellow. The combination of blue and yellow in the clothes used by people who lack love and understanding.

Blue with black - is peace, and paired with gray - detachment from the outside. Femmes fatales safely choose clothing colors red and black, indicating her desire and sexuality.

The colors are divided into cold and warm, and each color can have those and other shades. Try to combine the cold with cold and warm with warm. As part of the cold there is blue and warm yellow there.

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