How to choose the color of leotard

How to choose the color of leotard
 Swimsuit should emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws, and not vice versa. That is why, if you want to look attractive and in the pool and on the beach, focusing on the choice of swimsuit model and in particular its coloring. Guided by the need not only to personal preference, but also the properties of a particular hue.
 First, you must decide swimsuit decorated with patterns or monotonous. In the first case it is necessary to study the properties of different ornaments. For example, horizontal stripes visually complete, vertical - stress growth and too large patterns are increasing. Original drawings and any shiny elements attract attention, unlike a monochromatic fabric muted shades. In general, any pattern other than the bands should be used only if you wish to emphasize the dignity of one or another part of the body.

Choosing a swimsuit, remember that should emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws. For example, women with a magnificent bust, but not perfect hips can buy a model with a bright top and bottom muted. Do not forget about the properties of colors: for example, white visually increases the volume, and black - reduces, so small breasts and wide hips can be masked by a bright bra and panties dark. Ladies who do not want to attract too much attention, pay attention to the swimwear burgundy, purple, muted shades of yellow, but those who love to catch yourself admiring glances of men, should give preference to a bright red, deep green and other bright patterns, possibly with an original ornament.

When choosing the color of leotard consider not only features of the figure, but also the color of the skin. For example, a perfectly white swimsuit combined with very fair skin only emphasize the lack of sun, and the woman will look faded. Blue and pale green tones can also give a bad light skin tone. Preference is given to bright colors - yellow, orange, red, etc., Especially if you are not afraid to attract attention. Swarthy swimsuit ladies choose lighter than light-skinned. They are suitable and white, and black, and many bright colors. There are some colors that are generally not very well suited for swimwear. Among them, brown, gray, all shades of acid irritates the eyes and so forth.

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