How to choose lingerie?

 If some of the components of your wardrobe underwear remember the time my student years, if you stopped paying attention to the falling bras harness, you are not alone, many are faced with similar problems. It's time to create a database, according to which you choose underwear and will shape your wardrobe. The rules are as follows:  

1. You must have at least one set of luxurious lingerie.Even if you normally wear components in different colors and from different sets, a pair of beautiful clothes should be in your wardrobe for special occasions or just to please yourself. Try and buy a kit that before that you never dared allow. To feel the beautiful lingerie, inspires confidence.

2. Underwear should not be allocated through clothes. This applies to lace and seams as well as standing out through clothing, they make your look sloppy, can thicken. Furthermore, the clothes should not be close and pinch the body, forming folds. To solve these problems using seamless underwear and lingerie with the laser cutting process.

3. Pick up bra, given their breast size, not just the outer beauty of the cup. The fact that women with small breasts do not need a bra with strong support properties unlike owners of magnificent bust, so the first virtually unlimited choice. But the owners of size D and above, it is necessary to select special bras with a cup, the maximum closing the chest and provides good support, so that nothing fell out; with broader harness that will not dig into the shoulders.

4. Treat appropriately.Linen is made from thin delicate fabrics, so take care of them should be suitable. Firstly, do not wear the same bra for several days, alternate. Hand wash or delicate washing mode, never expose the machine drying.

5. Get rid of the old one. From time to time in her closet audit, throwing those undergarments that are torn, stretched and did not sit perfectly on your figure.

6. For sports require special bustier,which has a great supporting effect than regular bras, breast ligament protects against premature stretching.

7. Linen flesh color must also be present in your wardrobe. Now it is produced in a variety of shapes and colors, so do not consider it ugly or old-fashioned.

8. transformed bra.You can wear it under a strapless dress and blouse on one shoulder strap, and at the top. All that is needed - is to remove the harness bra and you need a transformation occurred.

The choice of underwear as important process, as well as a selection of other items of clothing. It is important to emphasize the dignity of the figure, without damaging them in the process, and hide flaws. The most important thing - is to choose the right size. If you want your breast size was 3, and you are the owner of the second, just choose a bra with pads. No notice of the inner side of the brassiere. Color underwear affects the mood of his mistress. Women with dark skin or olive skin are bright colors such as hot pink, aquamarine, mauve. Owners of light skin - pastel: peach, light blue, light pink. Linen black and white is all.

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