How to choose a fur coat

 Any girl dreams of a beautiful fur coat. And no wonder, because it not only warms his mistress, but also shows its taste and, of course, status. To date, the assortment of coats so great that often the question arises: how do you choose a good coat?

By buying fur should be approached very seriously, so you do not have to regret the money spent, and not small.

Buying fur

1 To begin, decide from what fur you wantchoose a fur coat. Natural fur coat of mink, fox, beaver are very popular products from sable and chinchilla very expensive and rare products from coyote and opossum usually Used to men's clothes.

2 Decide what you need fur. You want to choose a gorgeous mink coat, in order to show off to her friends at parties? Or you need warm outerwear for every day, and it is possible that you will accept a stylish jacket or coat with a fur collar?

3 Women who are primarily interested in their image - will not really care about issues such as the ability to choose their coats to keep warm, and how long it will last. Usually the deciding factor here is the famous fashion name on the label.

4 For those who still prefer practicality, wearability and comfort, you should know that the warmest fur have sable, fox and Mouton. Next on the degree of heat preservation should be chosen from among the fur fox fur, beaver, chinchilla, nutria, mink and seal. Coolest furs considered ermine and marmot.

5 The longest will be wornfur coat of otters and seals - 20 seasons. If you select the fur of the beaver, it will adorn your wardrobe 18 seasons. Astrakhan and mink will be worn 10 winters, 7-8 seasons will be pleasing to the eye of the fox fur coats, sheepskin, fox and sable. Protein, nutria, muskrat, fox will you decorate 4 winter, rabbit and chinchilla in 2-3 years otsluzhat his term.

6 Decide whether you want to choose a fur coat sheared fur or unshorn, dyed or natural. Special treatments such as dyeing of fur, often only increase the cost of the product. Dyeing of fur now the most fashionable, and they look very unusual and impressive.

If dyeing of fur was conducted in accordance with all the rules of the process, it does not affect the quality. Therefore, do not be afraid to buy a fur coat with colored ridges backs. Also great worn fur, painted in bright colors - yellow, red, orange and quieter: tobacco, violet and cherry. What better fur, dyed or natural color - it is your choice.

7 Go shopping, compare coats available on the market, look at their styles, prices and quality. Do not strive to keep up with fashion. This is of course a matter of taste, but if the purchase is intended for long term, it is best to choose a fur coat in the classic version. Classic timeless. In any case, buy what you are, what you feel cozy and comfortable.

8 To avoid mistakes and to choose really high-quality fur coat, fur learn different.Fur coat should be smooth, Shiny, soft, pleasant to the touch, as if to stroke her the wrong way, the hairs should not crackle and break. Squeeze in hand hem products - good fur immediately return to its original shape.

9 Put on your coat and determine whether it is suitable for your weight. Is it too hard? But at the same time the coat should not be too easy. Convenience - not the only reason for which you should choose a coat, judging by weight.

In order to reduce weight and save furriers fur often highly stretched skin: skin thickness decreases, but the distance between the hairs is increased, and eventually the coat becomes cold. Weight of the finished fur product depends on the length of fur, tanning skins quality and availability of insulation. It should be noted that recently a heater is not used or is used only in the chest and back.

10 When you choose a fur coat, Check that the fur stitch, and if she does not pucker. Fur products, sewn from a well tanned skins, soft, flowing. Lining the bottom of the long fur products are not usually pristrachivayut, is a good indicator: it means that the manufacturer has nothing to hide.

Tips for Choosing a coat

1 Often we do not know how to choose a coat for the price, how to evaluate its real cost price of fur products typically depends on the quality of tailoring, brand, style, quantity and quality of whole animal skins. The more pieces of skins from which sewed fur coat, so it is usually cheaper.

Manufacturers can so deftly stick pieces of fur on fabric, that no one would suspect. Whole cloth is considered the segment size of 15 by 15 centimeters. If the area of ​​the cut is less - it coats and cost should be 20-30% less than the cost of products from whole skins.

2 Buy a fur coatThat fits your budget. Better to choose a coat of beaver fur of high quality than the product of the average quality mink.

3 Coats, which are sold at incredibly low prices, most likely of poor quality or any defect.

So, armed with the necessary knowledge and advice, you can safely go for one of the most important purchases in your life. By the way, do not forget that, normally, you have chosen a fur coat, Returns and exchanges can not be, so you have every right to touch, explore, try on coats as many times as you see fit.

Successful purchase!

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