How to choose a color combination

How to choose a color combination
 There is no uniquely beautiful and beneficial colors, and there are shades that suit you personally, and those who are not able to focus on the personality and figure. Therefore, when choosing clothes primarily select colors so that they are stressed your dignity (blush cheeks, eyes, hair) and hide flaws.
 "Golden" rule of any style: the attire is not necessary to combine more than three colors simultaneously. Better to use different shades of the same range, combining in one outfit bright and saturated with light tones. Designers are advised to combine in the form of two, three or four colors, not only guided by personal taste, but also a special color wheel.

You can choose the color of clothes based on achromatic vision: the basic colors are white, black or gray, complemented by vivid detail. Another concept - complimentary combination of colors in clothing, ie use of a pair of contrasting colors: green with red, blue and orange, yellow and purple.

Keep in mind that light colors at the bottom of the dress visually enhance the figure. A rich eye-catching color to draw attention to the top of the face.

If you make a dress of the same color, then try to make it look not too boring or gloomy, as often happens with black, gray and brown. Not everyone is a solid white color, although it looks very impressive.

According to the stars of professional etiquette, Countess Marie de Tilly, red is also great as black, and at the same time very low key: a simple red dress would look strictly and effectively, as well as classic black.

Well, when the bright colors in the dress accessories supported the same hues. But if the bright clothing items a few, it is better to do even without accessories: yet they look better on a quiet dark colors.

If you combine clothes more than three colors, try to make their proportions were not the same. They can be related as follows: two main and two complementary (scarf, handbag, gloves, jewelry).

Let your image will always be a place for experiments, and the colors of your clothes reflect not so much of today's fashion trends, how your mood and attitude towards life.

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