How to buy tights

How to buy tights
 Buying pantyhose, check the integrity of the packaging, barcode and explore the model visually. Only a thorough inspection will help to distinguish pantyhose high quality of fakes. Knowledge of their own figures will help buyers not to miscalculate the size.

The French believe that the "best wrinkle on the face than a wrinkle on tights." Listening to the connoisseurs of female beauty, you must learn to choose tights so that they were well on the legs were made of quality material.

Note material. Almost all contain lycra tights. On the other it is called dorlastan, spandex and elastane (so-called elastomeric yarn). These threads are needed, so that the product can not be withdrawn at the knees and clung fine leg without forming folds. The more lycra in the product, the more elastic stockings. Price of the content of the material increases.

The maximum content of elastomeric yarn - 30% if their number is determined by the number of only 2-5%, most likely, you will find only the threads in the belt. Tights with Lycra in the belt soon will pull on his knees and acquire unpresentable form.

The invention recently - Lycra 3D. This kind of spandex helps even the finest fishnet tights long stay in great shape. Do the products made using this technology, look perfect. They are more resilient and elastic, they do not have "banding" in tension inherent in conventional lycra tights.

Additional material for the production of tights widely used polyamide. It is a modern material that is not inferior to the hygroscopic properties of natural materials and thermoregulation. By polyamide as additives are cotton, linen and wool.

If a woman who chooses tights with allergies, it is better to prefer bamboo fiber and BioCotton. BioCotton grown special way, without pesticides on treated soils. Therefore, it does not contain harmful substances and allergens. Bamboo is the nature of hypoallergenic because it survives only in the "clean" soil. Goods made from these materials are just beginning to appear on the market. They are ordered from catalogs or buy the online boutiques.

You can determine the density of tights, estimating Dena or denier. How den in pantyhose, so weighs in grams 9 km strands of woven tights. The greater the number den, the denser product.

If the package is listed "Up" and "Support", then Tights contain 30% polyamide and elements utjazhki. These tights can visually adjust the shape.

Buying pantyhose, should pay attention to packaging. Its integrity has not be compromised. Better if it evrokonvert.

You need to check the seams. If you stretch the seams in the palm of "pants" (the upper part of tights), can well consider them. Cheap low-quality tights have round seams that rub legs when worn. Expensive models have flat seams. When you stretch the seams are practically merge with the surface.

High quality models have cotton gusset (diamond-shaped piece of tissue that connects the two stocking). Another distinguishing feature - packed at the end of the toes.

It is important to assess "the effect of the tree." Expanding the stocking should watch it to light. With the penetration of light, you can see the circles as cut down a tree. The more they are expressed, the higher the quality of the material.

To determine the size, women have to find their rise in the graph vertically and weight - in the graph horizontally. At the intersection - the required size. If women customers are too long, short, thin or full legs, you should make an appropriate amendment. In case of doubt, we must take a larger size. Stretch tights not worth buying.

When buying pantyhose better not to save, considering that they are still fast break. Expensive high quality model, not only long worn, but also have a beneficial tactile influence upon the skin legs. Women who spend in pantyhose most of the time, will truly appreciate it.

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