How naglazhivat arrow

How naglazhivat arrow
 Pants with arrows - a true classic in a woman's wardrobe. They can be worn in the office, at a business meeting, a romantic dinner. They will add the image of gentility and genuine elegance. However, these pants make effect only when the arrows are perfectly straight.
 Ironed pants with arrows - rather laborious task. In addition, not all women get in the end bring perfectly aligned arrows. Compliance with these guidelines will help you to improve the quality of ironing favorite clothes arrow.

First we need to carefully ironed pants themselves. And this should be done only from the inside, otherwise they can shine. Keep in mind that the surface temperature of the iron depends on the fabric of your trousers. Should begin ironing with belt and pockets. Only after that can be ironed themselves trouser legs, with the arrow should not affect. Them from the inside never suggest!

When the pants will be well ironed, they need to turn out on the front side. Fold one leg so that the side seams are exactly coincided with steps. It would be great if you tuck the top of the pants also coincide on both the leg. For a perfect definition arrows trouser leg can be gently fasten with pins so that they are not moved during ironing.

Bridging the arrow only need through the thin fabric. Is fine gauze. It should be pre-moistened with water. If your iron is equipped with a steam generator, it is possible to dispense with gauze. Need to start ironing the inside of the pant leg. Put it on a wet gauze and ironed until it is dry. A similar manipulation and proceed with the second leg. Then progladte blocked from the outside. Do this also through a damp cloth. Do not allow the arrow to the top by about 15-20 centimeters.

To the arrows as far as possible retained its fine form, they need to iron through cheesecloth soaked in a solution of soap and vinegar. Add a liter of soapy water a spoonful of vinegar. Dampen a prepared solution gauze and aim the arrow through it. You can do it even easier. Rub the arrows trousers from the wrong side bar of soap. Then otparte them through cheesecloth. With a simple soap, arrows will be secured.

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