How do I know the size tights

How do I know the size tights
 In today's world tights are an essential subject of any woman's wardrobe. Properly fitted tights not only emphasize the harmony and beauty of your feet, but also make the image of fashionable, stylish women complete and perfect.
 As you know, the fashion of tights in 40 years of the twentieth century has introduced American actress and dancer Ann Miller. However, widespread, they received only by the invention of the mini-skirt that occurred in the mid 60s.

The very first tights were made of cotton material panties and a pair of stockings of synthetic fabric. Gradually they learned to make the whole of the same material. Stockings were made of different fabrics such as Lycra, nylon, silk, wool, cotton, cashmere and others. Were also joining materials together for a more durable fabric, and different density and elasticity.

Currently, the problems with no choice of tights. In the Russian market presents a huge number of manufacturers from inexpensive - to luxury tights. However, to make a choice is not so simple. First of all, you must determine the color that is difficult to do so, such as elastic tights classic skin color are so many shades, from light to dark, called "a tan." In addition, the color of the tights and affects their density: the denser the material, the more saturated color. On the product packaging density indicated by the symbol DEN: the higher the value den, the denser material. It is believed that a transparent, thin tights in 15 den and 20 are more suited to the warm season, more dense in 40 den on chilly autumn and spring, and all that over 50 den - for the cold winter.

Determine the color and density, it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which made stockings. For example, the content in the composition of lycra tights allow product does not stretch and retain its shape even after repeated washings. Part of the microfiber provide silkiness, softness and strength. But the content of the acrylic will cause the appearance on tights "pellet".

And, most importantly, you must choose the right size pantyhose. In no case should not take pantyhose smaller. On the contrary, they should be selected strictly on the size of which is indicated on the packaging of products in Latin letters S - the smallest, M - medium, L - large and XL - very large, or the numbers "1, 2, 3, 4": the smaller the number, the lower the resolution. When buying pantyhose pay attention to packaging: on the reverse side there is a special table, which indicate a more accurate size criteria, namely the ratio of height and volume figures. If you are still in doubt, contact your sales assistant for help. He will tell you what size is right for you.

We must bear in mind that improperly selected and substandard tights spoil the impression of you, regardless of the value of your attire.

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