Hipsters: the main thing - to suit sat

Hipsters: the main thing - to suit sat
 Hipsters tend to belong to the middle class, interested in alternative directions in culture, for the most part indifferent to politics and religion. They can see newfangled clothes, combined with vintage elements and different technical stuff.  
 The very name of this subculture is derived from the Anglo-American argoticheskih expression which means' to be in the subject. " Subculture roots go back to the US 40-ies of XX century, to the beatniks. Then came the first time, young people who are interested in everything that appears in the society: fashion delights of different times, technical innovations (or, on the contrary, "old-fashioned"), non-mainstream, unlike all the other works of cinema, art, literature, music. In the USSR, under the influence of the American hipster (bitnicheskoy) culture appeared similar for titled "dudes".

This is what Russian title perfectly describes hipsters past and present. In an attempt to get away from the sameness of the gray crowd, they turned to the crowd motley. All searches are often young people who identify themselves with this subculture, fixated on trying to be original in appearance, "not like others." This often leads to the opposite effect. Guys seeking to lack of templates and icons, are dressed somehow the same. They look the same films and listen to the same music, read the same books. And generates about all of the same views.

However, it should be said about the other side hipsterstva. These people are different from most of the more lively and active mind, because they have to understand the technical device used by their equipment, and cultural products are consumed by them, as a rule, is of higher quality than the product of the total, the popular culture. It requires to make more intellectual effort to understand what he saw and heard. Hipsters must also understand and fashion trends of his time and elapsed time, to study the history of clothing.

Despite all this, hipsters - just another subculture, no worse and no better than others. Is merely another attempt to combine two contradictory things: the desire to stand out, be not like others and imitation people that person considers their authority. All differences are most often external - in clothing, posture, facial expression. That is why we must realize that no subculture is not a philosophical revelation and the ultimate truth, her followers are not perfect, but at the same time and for any direction shall have the right to live in a bright and diverse world.

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