"Gray Mouse": Lessons transfiguration

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 Timid, shy, diffident woman found in any society. But all fixable, and should not be once again worry if you think about it is this type. For the "gray mice" have their lessons transformation.  

All women are inherently beautiful. Unattractive - it is your own fault. Each "gray mouse" should remember: the secret of success lies in their own behavior. The most important thing - to believe in themselves. By driving in the head the idea that you are ugly and do not like men, you really will not like them. Just do not tell yourself and others that you look is not important, and most importantly - it's inner beauty. That people, especially men, have noticed your beautiful inner world, they first have to notice you. And while you're like faded shadow, it will not happen.

Before you change your appearance, it is necessary first of all to tune in to a positive result, so you do not feel insecure and confused. You need self-esteem, imagine how ugly duckling of you turn into a beautiful swan. To do this, it is best to start attending a variety of psychological trainings and seminars. You will not notice how to change your outlook on life.

When problems with the inner world are resolved, proceed to change their appearance, because you all should be beautiful and harmonious.

Pay attention to your figure. If something where you can see those extra pounds, do not worry, sit on a diet and engage in physical exercises. In the process, you will not notice how things have changed for the better. If you have any complexes, for example, on the small chest, again reasonably evaluate the situation: not all men to taste 5 or 6 size. It is not necessary to raise a panic for no reason, because you are good it's also what you created by nature.

In creating a new image is very important not to overdo it in the choice of clothes and make-up, because too artsy clothes accentuate the lack of taste, and too bright make-up is able to create the kind of woman a bitch, that your situation is absolutely not acceptable.

Stroll through the fashionable boutiques, look for something interesting, talk with a counselor, and the problem will be solved with the clothes. You can use a stylist tips or best friend, whose tasteful okay.

When applying makeup, be kept. Makeup should only emphasize your natural beauty and not turn into a wild amazon with war paint on his face. If you find it difficult to decide, do not waste time in vain, and go to the beauty salon.

Avoid imitation. It is not necessary to copy some of their friends or show-business stars, as At best, you'll be miserable copy. Look for a unique style that will help you look great and still is.

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