Gray dress - irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe

Gray dress - irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe
 To look stylish and elegant, it is not required a lot of trendy outfits for each individual case. It suffices to have several basic things on which with accessories can create various images. Among the basic and gray dress - always up to date and therefore irreplaceable in the wardrobe.
 Grey is universal: it is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age, body type and style, combined with any accessories and appropriate in the office and at social events. The belief that the gray - the symbol of boredom, boredom and monotony, rooted in the past. Today, gray dress-case competes little black dress with the rank must have.

Gray has many shades: smoky, silver, steel, pearl, gray, lead, anthracite, gray, color of wet asphalt or morning mist - this is not a complete list of them. Women of any type of exterior looks a winner in these colors. For example, light gray dress helps ladies with pale skin refresh complexion and visually interesting and look brighter and dark gray with white collar rejuvenate its owner for several years. Moreover, gray is noticeable advantage over black because, unlike the latter, does not add to the visual age.

Gray dress successful style, good sitting in the figure, looks elegant, respectable and refined, especially with the right accessories. For example, for work and business meetings suitable dress is put in steel or lead tones with white, black or gray ornaments. In an informal atmosphere perfectly complement his neckerchief, shoes and clutches a bright color. Evening dress pearl or ashy shade will look presentable in itself, and jewelry made of silver, white gold, turquoise or pearl will add luxury to it.

Gray harmonizes with many flowers. The most advantageous variations are obtained with scarlet, purple, pale pink, pistachio, purple, brown, black and white tones. Combining gray dress with jacket, boleros, cardigans, wraps and other additions of these shades, you can each time to create new unique image.

It is not necessary to follow the outdated stereotypes that gray dress - inexpressive and impersonal, on the contrary, it has an exquisite and spectacular view. At its base, you can come up with toilets for every day and for publication, but because it is indispensable in the wardrobe of a woman who with the right accessories will look like it does not "gray mouse", a refined lady.

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