Funny Pictures

 Perhaps many would agree that modern fashion - it is still not so much a craft as an art. And the more this statement becomes true when the merge in a passionate burst of high fashion and high art.

At such moments, world-renowned designers offer their wards the opportunity to try on a favorite artist - in the truest sense of the word.

However, a variety of painted T-shirts - it is not a product of today. Someone thinks that their finest hour - this unbridled seventies, during which democratic fashion has reached its upper limit, allowing to include in the business dress code jeans. Others believe that the origins of this fashion trend you need to look much earlier - say, in the relaxed style of clothing hippie.

This has a homespun truth, because that's when the human body and the human wardrobe became the bearer of some meaningful slogans and declarations. So long clothing and use - as another way to express their ideas and political beliefs. Then from time to time it is in this role and played a variety of coats, jackets, T-shirts, tops.

In the end this street fashion has become so habitual that it drew the attention of representatives of high fashion. Since then, the world's catwalks and moved cautiously tread funky flamingo very glamorous ladies on the chest or back, which can be painted on the most radical slogans.

Sooner or later it had to be bored. Politics from the world of fashion gradually gone even as an accessory to the collection of road and remained pure art. Because, perhaps, instead of brave slogans and causing texts began to appear reproductions of paintings, collages and other funny pictures.

Was no exception and the current fashion season. On the catwalks developed this Opening Day. However, the general public, many authors whose drawings used today fashion designers, unfamiliar (like, say, the artist Richard Prince, whose drawings have appeared on T-shirts by Marni), but they look funny and fun.

So much fun that designers can easily spread the vernissage rules not only on democratic shirts and tops, but also to all other articles of clothing - dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers. So, Rucci appeared chiffon dresses with pictures of ancient clay masks at Lanvin mini-dress - a collection of eye-catching black and white photos have Amuleti J - short balloon dresses with gently floating images floating on the water swans.

However, the usual democratic shirts also remained. Fashion house Louis Vuitton austere decorated their strokes understandable to all, without translation of the word «love», Comme des Garcons in the most unexpected versions beat the symbol of the Japanese flag (red circle on a white background), at Jean-Charles de Castelbajac appeared naive outline drawings, and in collection from Luella on beleyshih shirts smiley faces blurred as if nabryzgany using cans of dark paint.

In general, choose to suit every taste and enjoy. Well, those who consider themselves intellectuals and fans of contemporary art, happy to plunge into the world of Andy Warhol. He developed back in the 60s famous paintings adorn many designers today things. Even a fan of classic elegance, as Emporio Armani, decorate their shirts red lips of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol. They and silver mini-dress by Emanuel Ungaro.

Galina Yudakhin.

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