From what to wear tight black turtleneck-noodles

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 Black turtleneck noodle - versatile article of clothing. With it you can make a variety of ensembles - from modest daily to catchy and quite suitable for evening out. Combine sweatshirt with jeans, skirts and classic sarafans - and have a variety of images.
 The simplest everyday ensemble - black turtleneck, complete with classic blue jeans. Complete this set cravat in the blue range and simple shoes or boots at moderately high heels. Do not forget the belt of thick black leather - he delicately mark the waist. Note that the form-fitting turtlenecks accentuate any excesses in the press. Therefore, if your waistline, there are small rolls of fat, hide their long vest denim or black jersey.

Very elegant and will set out a turtleneck with narrow or pointed broad black trousers. No less beautiful and skirt ensemble. By direct miniskirt wear thick tights and Ballet flat. Complete all bulk bag in black leather - will be a very stylish and youth image. And if you replace defiant elegant mini pencil skirt length for the knee and wear high-heeled shoes, you'll look spectacular fashionable lady. Fitting turtleneck give torso fragility and dark monochrome set visually pull the figure and make it more coherent.

Do you want to create a trendy vintage kit? Complete black turtleneck flared denim sundress. Pick him a suitable shoes with a membrane and a thick heel on the neck tie up bright scarf. Get a catchy and memorable image in the spirit of the '80s. Very stylish look and plaid or striped tunics - complete with ballet flats they will make you a girl from the 60's.

Making ensembles in black, do not forget about makeup. If you do not want to emphasize the paleness of skin, use foundation and blush, lipstick and lip nakraste neutral tones. To the contrast between the face and collar turtleneck was less rigid, throw with a light scarf around his neck, scarf or stole and nice tie or drape fabric. Face will look fresher and younger.

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