From what to wear colorful pants

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 Bright pants focus on the legs and thighs is not less than ultra-short shorts or a miniskirt. That's why they have to organically integrate into the overall image and match the style of the other items of clothing.
 Rule Color Block. Its essence is as follows: in one image, you can combine up to three colors. In this case, one of them must be a link between the other two. Therefore plain colored pants or jeans can be worn with a t-shirt or tunic and complement the ensemble bright accessory, jacket or scarf. The presence of t-shirt is acceptable if it is combined with the color of the other items of clothing. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be wary of the compound in a form of three shades of one color, such as red or blue, as they can start dissonance between them.

Rule contrast. If you are going to look bright, not only from the waist down, try to match colored trousers with top, blouse or pullover as saturated, but in a contrasting color. To select blue jeans orange top to red - green and yellow for - blue. In the case of construction of the image on the contrasting colors, try to give preference to the accessories that most closely matches the shade of one of the items of clothing.

Rule strips and peas. Bright-colored pants are perfectly combined with the clothes in classic stripes or polka dots. The direction of the lines and circles the value does not matter, as long as your drawing stressed dignity. Choosing such a thing, refer to the extent to print combined with the color of pants, but do not neglect the classic black-and-white tops, shirts and tunics - a win-win.

Usually a combination of different textures. Bright pants have a very intense color and are made, as a rule, made of thick material. Therefore, they look great with light chiffon tunic and lace tops, so popular this season. But, wanting to make the most sexual way, it is not necessary to combine tight trousers with a low waist dress with lace-like underwear.

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