Crystals, velvet and sequins: choose an outfit for New Year's Eve

Crystals, velvet and sequins: choose an outfit for New Year's Eve
 Velvet dress, handbag with rhinestones, sequins and shoes in sequins - outfit for New Year's Eve should shine and sparkle. Make-up should be performed also in the "effervescent" style. Sparkle and shine can not be much - because New Year's holiday special, if shine brighter than all at the ball, you can become a star of the year in real life.
 Christmas outfits, iridescent and sparkling, almost like sparklers - it's not a bad taste. This dress code is the first and most important party of the coming year. It is safe to decorate with sequins and paillettes not just one piece of clothing, and all at once.

Dress for the Christmas party can be a low-cut or closed, but concise silhouette, you can wear a bustier dress. Style is not so important. In the first place - finish. The best way to celebrate the New Year outfits suit of shiny fabrics. If the fabric is monotonous, let it be lavishly decorated with beads and sequins. Possible that the crystals and sequins dress trimmed with ribbon cable, hose or bodice.

At the height of fashion - velvet dress on the floor. Blue and blue-black velvet relevant as ever. On this fabric rhinestones and Black will look simply irresistible. If the dress with short sleeves, you can safely wear gloves to the elbow of the same colors, beaded or decorated with feathers and crystals. Juicy detail - a fan, just sparkling and shimmering have just by the way.

Sparkle should not only dress, but also shoes and accessories. Even the most ordinary ballet flats adorned with sequins, instantly turning into evening shoes. In addition, the flat sole is back in vogue. Classical studs to emphasize the elegance of the ankles, they too will certainly have to decorate with rhinestones or silver beads.

Shiny accessories and hats will complete the picture. Handbags, decorated with beads or metal plates, will be beneficial to shade shiny dress dark tones. In order to hide her bare shoulders, fit stole of silk or organza, studded with sequins, like New Year's confetti. Mysterious and festive looks lady in a hat with a veil. When this veil should decorate sequins, and her eyes hidden translucent fabric to make up the shadows with a metallic sheen. Smoky eyes metallic - the perfect occasion makeup.

In any case we must not forget about the hair. The hair should not only shine with cleanliness. It is safe to use a shimmering powder. Hair accessories, such as shiny rims forming or hair pins, the ends of which are decorated with rhinestones - the perfect complement well done fashionable hairstyle.

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