Color mood: tart and sensual scents of autumn

Color mood: tart and sensual scents of autumn
 Rainy autumn always want something warm and cozy. Wrapped in a voluminous scarf, knitted wear fashion coat color, make-up in beige and buy a new perfume with a spicy and sensual fragrance ...
 Girls who are just beginning to explore the world tart flavors of autumn, choose perfume with a slight bitterness. Such as Burberry Touch for woman. This is a real godsend for young ladies rock or busy business women who want to smell a slight bitterness, but not heavy amber, which envelop the entire office stifling wave. Therefore flavor can be considered universal - you can wear it with a business suit or a flirty blouse and miniskirt. Top notes will attract you sweet cranberries and bitter orange peel. Slight sweetness add blackberries, charming tenderness - absolute pink roses. Ductile-sweet base consists of tonka bean and vanilla bean.

A lover of classical and oriental perfumes heavy like Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. Flavor that in the '70s was a real challenge to society, chooses a woman who is confident in himself and wants to see all this confidence. Opium can be called a specific flavor - its severity many simply confuse. But the one who opt for it, like a soft and spicy trail that envelops you throughout the whole day. The top note of its intricately intertwined flowers lily of the valley, bewitching bergamot and mandarin perky. Chic and expensive scent that remains in the database in a few hours, consists of patchouli, amber and vanilla.

Especially liked the creative daring Shalimar by Guerlain. Spirits of this brand generally differ spice and sensuality. Shalimar - the perfect perfume for those who like unusual combinations. Magical Sandalwood imparts flavor density and "smoke", assorted citrus gives a slight acidity, and vetiver and iris gives a light veil of romance. This fragrance is very controversial - it will understand and appreciate only selected, highly experienced in a variety of fragrances.

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