Clothing size matters

Clothing size matters
 Why is it important to choose their own clothing size? It's not just that too big or, conversely, the little things can distort the outline of a figure, such clothes may cause significant harm to health. You do not wear shoes two sizes too small.
 Extreme set or weight loss always affect the silhouette. Such changes can occur quickly enough, and in this case it is necessary to make adjustments to your wardrobe.

If you gained weight, have to accept this fact and love yourself in a new way. Do not try to get into that until recently converged on the hips and waist, it is better to choose the new styles. Even if you plan to lose weight soon, within a few weeks, but rather months, you'll need something to wear.

Old things treacherously point to the places that have changed somewhat. On jackets and blouses formed creases at the waist and horizontal creases on the back, close-fitting sleeves are forearm and thigh pants swift. This is, firstly, ugly and, secondly, is harmful, since the substantial worsening perfusion pressure.

Overcome this barrier, take the thing bigger and try on. You will see that it sits better hides the flaws and much more convenient than the same article of clothing a smaller size. When you lose weight, you can return to your favorite dresses and trousers.

If you're after a prolonged period of "full of life" lost weight, do not lose your head on the success and do not try to jump through a couple of sizes immediately. Kind of woman who lost 5 pounds and has put on about this skinny top, not always pleasant. But wear jeans sagging rear is also not worth it. It is important to find a balance. Help create a new image will help to accessories, such as belts. Favorite blouse, which was great, can be worn with a belt or scarf. When you realize that pounds you do not come back, devote yourself to the selection of the appropriate size of new things.

Never disregard fitting, even if you are going to buy a T-shirt for 300 rubles, and it was not your size. Cut and material differs from vendor to vendor, so take this thing on you can completely unexpected way.

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