Caring for fur: domestic Tricks

Caring for fur: domestic Tricks
 Buying expensive furs, we want them to retain their form for a long time. Fur require special care not only in seasons socks, but also throughout the year. Knowing some of the secrets you can not just keep it in excellent condition, but also to return to its former beauty, if it has been lost.

Fur has the ability to "topple", so it should be periodically comb, it will be better if the comb with rare teeth. Start scratching with the tips of the pile very carefully, as the need to remove the formed mats. Pay special attention to areas of intensive wear: sleeves, elbows, collars.

At home, the coat is best to dry in air. Hang it in a room away from heating devices and batteries, create a small draft. Hang it on the open cold air is contraindicated, as because of the strong drying and frost fur will become tougher. Once in the wet weather, shake off water home with a soft brush, drawing her along the pile. If the fur has curls, you can use a small piece of tissue.

Always hang on the coat hanger wide because bottlenecks can ruin its shape. Fur products should be placed so that it was spacious, so the fur will not topple and crush.

In preparation for long-term storage of fur Carefully shake them and beat inside out. It is necessary to store in a vertical position. In no case do not stack them in bags or boxes, as the fur needs an influx of fresh air.

The most important long-term storage - a protection against moths. You can put a fur coat in the special case, and to improve the reliability of protection can be put tobacco leaves or orange peels. Modern household chemistry offers various means of protection against moths: tablets, powders, plates. You can still put a sachet (dry flavor). Natural and safe means can serve as lavender and pine oil.

Stroking fur or on the inside, nor, especially, on the part of the pile is impossible, as it would lead to skin defects. It will become brittle and recovery - a very expensive procedure.

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