Battle for pants: fashion and etiquette

Battle for pants: fashion and etiquette
 Wardrobe of the modern woman is almost impossible to imagine without such an important and necessary element of clothes like pants. Without them, no cost, no one set for work, school, leisure, catering and domestic clothes. However, it was not always.

Since ancient times, women were forbidden to wear men's clothing. This is prosecuted and condemned by the public. In ancient India, for wearing clothes of the opposite sex were sentenced to death. First pants appreciated the queen of Babylon - Semiramide. She is taking part in military campaigns with her husband, an example for the women of Central Asia and introduced the fashion for wearing trousers.

In the pants comfortably ride a horse, a camel. They loved all categories of women: from queens to slaves. The difference was in the trousers in the tissue from which they were crosslinked. For the rich, the fair sex are made from expensive overseas fabrics and simple women were content with rough, thick cloth.

In the Middle Ages, the ratio of women who wore pants, was sharply negative: they were accused in connection with the evil spirit, and burned at the stake. This lasted until the 19th century. In those days, were not allowed to wear pants under any pretext.

 The pioneer was the writer George Sand. She calmly wore pants, smoking a cigar that seemed to contemporaries unprecedented audacity. Already in 1851 Amelia Bloomer in his journal advocated equal rights for men and women, thereby supporting and strengthening the role of trousers in the women's locker room.

 In the early 20th century, finally got the official status of pants women's sportswear. But the world's fashion capitals - Paris - pants recognized symbolically. There's even swimsuits until the 20s included the skirt. A major role in popularizing pants played actress Marlene Dietrich, who has appeared in public in an elegant pantsuit, emphasizes her femininity.

 The final blow to the medieval prohibitions and stereotypes was a collection of French designer André Courrèges, who created the design world's first trouser suit for women. Since that time, pants began its triumphant march across the planet, gaining more and more fans. Now the pants are an integral part to create a feminine look, without which the world fashion would not be so large and diverse.

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