Bad taste - what is it?

Bad taste - what is it?
 Modern fashion trends differ manifold, and the severe restrictions and regulations in the field of taste does not exist. Clothing should reflect your inner state that it was comfortable and convenient, and it is in harmony with the created externally. When it according to your mood and style of the lack of taste and we can not go. Now you can wear things that have 5-10 years ago were considered incongruous. What, then today can be considered bad taste?
 One of the main features is inappropriate attire. No matter how beautiful and luxurious was not your evening dress, it will look ridiculous in public transport, the office, at a business meeting or a university lecture halls. The ability to choose for a specific time and place suitable clothing style has always been a sign of good taste.

About color combinations should talk separately, although today unacceptable combinations, perhaps, does not exist. But using bold, not a classic combination, you must be sensitive nuances and shades of colors. Bad taste in dress is to use things of the same color, even so beloved by many black. Try to complement monocolors accessories, bags or other suitable footwear color or tone.

As for styles, then there is the category of bad taste can be attributed outfit, obscure or even emphasizing figure flaws. Be able to take a critical and used clothes just for the purpose for which it is meant - to emphasize the advantages of appearance and physique, hiding what nothing to be proud. If you do not trust your reflection in the mirror, take photos, take a look at ourselves before putting themselves fashionable, but you freak thing.

Raunch can be expressed, of course, not only in clothing. All that "too much" - cosmetics, glitter, ornaments, also belong to this category. There are unspoken rules that have to know a woman that does not seem tasteless. These taboos, for example, include a mini-skirt, worn with high heels, open sandals with tights, open neckline at the office, dear and antique jewelry, which are in broad daylight.

Things famous designers and fashion houses also need to be selective, combining them with normal clothing. And, of course, if possible, it is necessary to hide the name of the brand, not bulging cost of the dress. Sense of proportion - the limiter, which helps you not look ridiculous.

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