A few tips on how to choose and wear pantyhose

A few tips on how to choose and wear pantyhose
 Pantyhose were invented in the middle of the last century. Since it is a necessary garment for any woman. But the huge range of products, different both in quality and price, making the choice of quality pantyhose difficult.
 What should I pay attention to make a good buy? Consider packing. At present branded product has a bar code printed on the packaging itself envelope, not on labels attached to. Cellophane should be tight, fully transparent. Inside, on the insert, should provide information on the model number of the manufacturer.

The structure of high-quality lycra tights included (no more than 30%) lycra (he is responsible for the way will keep the shape of the product), microfiber (it gives strength, softness, silkiness). Winter tights contain in their composition artificial wool - acrylic. Its peculiarity is that sooner or later he formed "pellets".

Ask the seller to get the tights from the packaging and pull on the arm. On their surfaces must seem peculiar concentric circles, like the growth rings on a tree stump. If these circles are clearly visible, it means that before you a quality product. The smell of new tights must be sustainable, enjoyable, it is a characteristic feature of a good product. This indicates that they are treated with an antibacterial compound.

Gum should be wide enough, toes and heel are sealed. In products from reputable companies gusset is made of cotton threads, it is better in terms of hygiene. Because tights are not exchanged or returned, then strictly follow the dimension table, not to buy the wrong product.

For office style needed tights neutral colors, matte or smooth. Unacceptable "grid", floral pattern, lurex. The density of the product should not exceed 40 den winter, and in summer - 20.

Colored tights (white, purple, red, yellow) are allowed only in an informal setting. But here, remember - the white color under black boots (and even more so, on the contrary) - it's still a mauvais ton. And by the way, these products Full elastic leg.

With the little black dress and black shoes combine matte tights in black or dark gray color, but not physical.

Whatever did not think about this some young ladies, but tights and sandals with open nose - it's a bad combination. In extreme cases, the toe sandal should be closed, but in this case, should not stand compacted heel.

Stockings with a seam on the back of the leg - is a sexual fetish, so it's best to avoid wear them to work or official meetings.

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