How to wear lenses

How to wear lenses
 To quickly and correctly put on and remove contact lenses requires experience and practice. The first time it may take fifteen minutes or half an hour, but after a while you learn to do it in one motion. When buying lenses ophthalmologists usually tell and show how to handle them. Instructions in the lens can also be found on the packaging of them.
 Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Towel dry, does not leave the hands of the villi, or a paper handkerchief. Never try to wear lenses with dirty hands, so very easy to carry infection - they quickly absorb various microparticles and in contact with the eye provoke allergies, irritation, inflammation.

Do not wear lenses if you have recently risen or not enough sleep. In the eyes after sleeping voltage is increased, and this procedure can cause them feeling cramps and irritation. Remember that even if your lenses have the same diopter, it is undesirable to confuse right and left. Therefore, develop the habit of always beginning with a specific eye, such as the right.

Pull special tweezers lens from the container and gently place it on the tip of the index finger of the right hand (if you're left-handed - left). Consider carefully the edges - lens should be shaped like a bowl with the up edges. If they look to the side, like plates, carefully unscrew it inside out. Some manufacturers make it easier to making markings on the outer and inner sides of the lens.

There are several ways of putting lenses. This process can be operated with both hands, or only one. Select the appropriate way for you. To put the lens in both hands, the left middle finger, pull up the upper eyelid, and the same finger of the right hand, place the lash line on the lower eyelid and pull it down. Forefinger together with a lens on it attach to the eyeball. Wave the eye from side to side, without blinking, to lay the lens into place. Then you can blink. Repeat the same procedure with the other eye.

Learn how to put on a lens with one hand more difficult, especially for beginners. To this end, the middle finger, pull the lower eyelid, look up. Attach the lens to the bottom of the eyeball. Remove your index finger and look down. You immediately feel like a lens itself into place. Blinked a few times.

If you put the lens, but it was vague, perhaps she did not take the position of the center. Close your eyes and massage your eyelid. The smooth surface of the contact lens glides wet eye. If after putting you feel uncomfortable, as if the eye of something horrible, remove the lens, rinse it in a special solution, again carefully check whether it is not twisted inside out for damage and wear again.

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