How to remove spurs

How to remove spurs
 Spinous formation on the plantar surface of the heel bone spurs called. Squeezing the soft tissue, the spike can cause severe pain. Spurs are formed due to metabolic disorders, from excessive loads on the foot, with flat feet. Get rid of this trouble is possible, using the recipes of traditional medicine.  
 If a problem occurs Spurs should see a specialist: arthrology, rheumatology, surgery, orthopedics. The doctor will be able to determine the cause of the unpleasant education and prescribe adequate treatment. Consult your doctor about the popular methods. If he does not mind, take advantage of them.

You can crush two aspirin, separate them with iodine and stir to form a slurry. The mixture was put on cotton wool or tissue attach to the patient heel wrap something warm, and top wrap film. A week later, repeat the procedure.

To enhance the blood circulation and metabolism, just knock the heel on the floor or wipe it on the boots. Take care of excretion of salt from the body: drink decoctions of watermelon peels and horsetail. Useful tincture of pine nuts: take a handful of them around, break up, to insist in 150 grams of vodka for about two weeks and drink dessert spoon three times a day before meals.

Effective ointment, which was prepared as follows. Wash raw egg, put in a jar and fill it with vinegar. Close the lid and about ten days in the fridge. When the shell is dissolved, with a steel spoon egg shifted in a bowl, rubbed, poured the remaining vinegar, add a tablespoon of butter and all thoroughly stirred. The resulting mixture of grease and heel wear socks.

To remove the pain in spurs, apply compresses of potatoes. One medium tuber need to wash and grate, without peeling. Apply the resulting mass to the fabric, mounted on the heel, wrapped in polyethylene. A day later compress change. Need to continue treatment for about a week.

Help get rid of spurs and grated garlic head half tied at night to the problem area. If you see a burning procedure should be stopped. Also, if possible, take a small cabbage leaf, spread it with honey and lock the heel before bedtime and in the morning rinse with water.

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