10 "women's" issues about contact lenses

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 Despite the fact that the glasses are a stylish accessory in modern life can not do without contact lenses. After all, they are comfortable to play sports, work and enjoy the surrounding splendor of his eyes.
 How often should I change the lens

If you wear lenses for vision correction, you must strictly follow the terms of use. That is to regularly change the solution in the container to expose them to clean out and buy new ones when the time comes. Period of use lenses specified on the packaging and may be one day, a week, a month or more.

How to apply makeup when using contact lenses

Cosmetics applied to the skin around the eyes after the lenses were put on. Thus it is necessary to abandon the use of shadows and crumbly contour pencil on the inner century. Before removing the make-up is necessary to remove the lens.

Can I play sports in lenses

Engage in mobile sports they are very comfortable, they, unlike glasses, do not move out and do not fog up. No contraindications to physical stress during use of contact lenses is not.

Is it possible to sunbathe in the lenses

Sunbathing outdoors and visit a solarium in the lenses is not prohibited. Furthermore, the composition of the material from which they are made, prevents the penetration of UV light in the iris.

What can spoil the lens

In lenses undesirable swimming lessons in the pool and taking a shower, because the material from which they are made, is capable of absorbing substances dissolved in water. In addition, they are susceptible to mechanical damage during the process of donning and doffing.

Can I sleep in lenses

There are special contact lens, which can go a few days (usually a week), without removing. In conventional lenses can not sleep because they can "stick" in a dream to the upper eyelid due to lack of moisture.

Is it possible to drive a car in the lenses

Due to the tight fit to the iris, the lens does not constrict the review, so they are better for driving than glasses.

Is it true that the lens to limit the access of oxygen to the eyes

Modern contact lenses are made with all the requirements of hygiene eyes, so when used properly and with due care, they do not prevent access of oxygen in the iris.

Can I opt out points when there is a lens

In addition to contact lenses, the vision correction, it is necessary to have glasses as infectious diseases, preferably wearing them.

Is it true that in the cold lens freeze

Lenses take the form of an iris, which are worn and their temperature corresponds to the temperature of the eye. Periodic blinking moistens the surface, so they do not lose their properties when exposed to frost.

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