Winter fruit. What are they harmful?

Winter fruit. What are they harmful?
 The shops are ready to enjoy a large range of fruit at any time of the year. Here are just opinions about winter fruits are useful or not, are radically different. In order to bring the gifts of nature only health must take into account peculiarities of the balance of vitamins in the body, remembering that not only fresh fruit can replenish it.

What is the harm of fruit purchased in the winter? First, in the minimum amount of nutrients contained therein. Since in our country can be found in the best persimmon or mandarins grown in the southern part of it, all the other varieties of fruits imported from Africa or Asia. Most of these fruits are not ripe, break to go through all the hardships of transportation. So winter Moroccan apples and pears are rather a source of fiber, but not vitamins.

In addition, there is an assumption that the best way for a person fit those fruits that grow in the band of his residence. Therefore, the cold weather more suited the gifts of nature, which gives him a lot of energy. It's nuts that increase blood circulation and more rapid rewarming. While tropical fruits due to the large amount of juice contained therein contribute to the cooling of the body that is not the best solution for the winter.

Not in favor of fruits grown in other countries, plays the unknown components within them. No wonder many people prone to allergies, after contact with the fruits of winter apples, peaches and pears may feel negative reactions. It makes you wonder how the composition of such processed fruits in order to maintain their presentation.

So the fruit for the winter is best to think in advance: dried apples and pears, dial hips and hawthorn. Processing methods for drying vegetables not end there.

The most useful fruit in winter, collected in summer and subjected to further processing. But it all depends on the method of canning. Not the best way - it's jam. Due to the fact that the fruits are subjected to prolonged heat treatment, the amount of these vitamins decreases. And when you consider that the fruits are mixed with a lot of sugar, the calorie content of this dish is obtained simply enormous. The best way to preserve fruits - is to freeze them, cut into small pieces. In the case of fruit between the collection, processing and freezing the minimum amount of time passes, low loss of vitamins.

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