Such a useful yogurt

Such a useful yogurt
 Kefir - a dietary fermented milk product of the special fungi pasteurized milk. This is a valuable pleasant drink, refreshing and slightly intoxicating.

Kefir is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces development in the gut bacteria. Affects the secretory activity of the stomach, thereby fast-digesting foods, it is recommended to recuperate for anemia. Also has a positive effect on the liver, lowers blood cholesterol, has some diuretic properties, great thirst quencher.

Kefir is necessary for people recovering from illness, as it is well absorbed by the body (for example, an hour to digest yogurt drunk by 91%, while the milk is only 32%). Depending on the length of maturation distinguish kefir weak (matures 1 day), medium (2 days) and strong (2 to 3 days), it is characterized by acidity and alcohol content.

There are also several varieties of yogurt: bifidok, biokefir and bifikefir. In these different content of beneficial bacteria, which they further enriched. These bacteria reduce the risk of cancer, neutralize the side effects of antibiotics, make work better cardiovascular and nervous system, strengthen the body as a whole.

It is proved that this yogurt is so well absorbed by the body that it is possible to use even for people with allergies to dairy products. Pediatricians recommend giving yogurt for children with seven months of age in small portions, it helps kids with constipation, soothe the intestines.

There is also a special kefir diet that helps to lose weight. This is due to low-calorie foods and low in carbohydrates. In addition, a small amount of digestible fats in the food does not delay the stomach as food leads to delay rotting process and malfunction of the digestive organs.

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