Poor nutrition affects fathers on children's health

Poor nutrition affects fathers on children's health
 If you decide to conceive a child, it is necessary to get rid of a number of bad habits start to play sports, and most importantly - eat right, with it not only the expectant mother, but also the future pope.

Not so long ago, scientists conducted a series of studies with mice and showed that type II diabetes, which usually occurs in men as a consequence of obesity, is able to come back to haunt on the structure of the DNA of germ cells of the stronger sex. Such interference could lead to a higher risk of developing diabetes in both males and their children.

The study mice were fed junk food, which usually men eat on the run, resulting in male mice developed obesity at a record pace. In mice that were born from these males and females healthy, often detected signs of diabetes. Externally, these mice maintained normal body proportions, but the insulin in blood of experimental never increased to the required level. Speaking in general, the wrong food Fathers expressed much weaker than that of expectant mothers.

The central assumption of scientists about how mice transmitted predisposition to diabetes, is considered a violation of the DNA in the germ cells of male mice, they are joined fragments that affect the functional potential genes. This mechanism is called epigenetic gene change, and scientists believe that it is not unique to mice, but also people.

Expert in the field of epigenetics Michael Skinner argues that the power of men necessarily affects the health of his children long before he decides to start a family and children. Skinner suggests that adverse changes in the structure of DNA can be caused by a bad habit, such as smoking, alcohol, as well as the influence of various carcinogens and gases in the atmosphere.

According to experts, dealing with family planning, for men to give birth to healthy children, you need as much as possible of exercises and eliminate from your daily diet cigarettes, as well as fatty foods, which contains carcinogens and pesticides.

The researchers hope that their findings will help to solve the problem of obesity, which is rapidly updated, as well as the problem of early occurrence of diabetes in children and adults.

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