How to make up for the lack of calcium

How to make up for the lack of calcium
 Lack of calcium in the body can not be shown at all or have only mild symptoms. Can gradually break down your teeth and bone, and the health of hair and nails will leave much to be desired. Compensate for the lack of calcium in various ways.
 The easiest and most harmless way - use a large quantity of dairy products. Especially this option is preferred for small children. Daily Eat 100-200 g of cottage cheese with sour cream and drink a couple of glasses of milk or yogurt. To calcium from food is better absorbed, take vitamin D.

A balanced diet, in principle, should provide the body with all essential trace elements, but sometimes it does not. Look for the cause in your usual menu. Man must eat meat and fish products, because they play an important role. Try every day there are different dishes, do not use a monotonous diet.

If the problem with the lack of calcium via food does not work, do not immediately seek the help of pills. Take the egg shells and rinse it well. Put the pan and drain on a slow fire. If you have a microwave or oven, heat treatment can take place in there. Grind the dried shell and pour the glass in the bank. Take a teaspoon three times a day. Gradually, calcium deficiency is compensated.

There is a faster and less troublesome way - special tablets. But not immediately say that taking them without assigning extremely dangerous. Calcium deficiency, and its excess as has negative effects on the body. If you take medication, without prior examination, can form kidney stones. Consult a physician, the physician will select you the most gentle tool that will help solve your problem.

If the treatment you will feel discomfort, back pain, bone or other strange phenomena that previously did not occur to you, show yourselves to the doctor immediately.

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