How do ultrasound of the kidneys

How do ultrasound of the kidneys
 US of internal organs is an additional research methods for the study of anatomical and functional characteristics of organs and systems of the human body. This method is completely safe, as for the study of internal organs using ultra-high frequency sound is not perceived by the ear, but coming through the soft tissues of the body. At the boundary between two media is a partial reflection of a sound wave of captured sensor device, then the result is converted into an image that the doctor sees on the screen of the device.
 Any ultrasound, including the kidney, should appoint only qualified physician. There are many diseases in which without performing this study is impossible to do, but in some cases, the results are significant only in the complex of all designated laboratory analyzes and additional studies. Also, explain to the patient the test results should be qualified person whom the patient trusts.

Renal ultrasound allows an examination of the provisions of the kidneys and their shapes, and analyze the correlation of cerebral cortex body to detect anatomical defects (cysts) and tumors (benign and malignant tumors), to identify the particular location of the vessels and the presence of additional inclusions (sand and stones). Simultaneously the study of organs and tissues that surround the kidney, largely because of kidney disease is not caused by disorders of the paired organs in general, but also the fat capsule, renal pelvis, ureter, urinary bladder.

Ultrasonography can be done at almost any time of the day, but for better visualization of urine formation and urinary need adequate preparation of the patient. It is desirable to remove the excess amount of free gas in the bowel loops - ultrasound does not apply in a gaseous medium, so it is advisable appointment enema the night before the procedure. It is also desirable to use adsorbents at night - a conventional activated carbon or sorbeksa. In the morning before the study, it is desirable to refrain from eating or permitted without light breakfast foods that cause flatulence (fresh milk, eggs, flour products, and some cereals).

But the urgent need for implementation of the study, these rules may be waived - in this case, questioned the possibility of re-execution of renal ultrasound.

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