Food additives E: Why use

Food additives E: Why use
 The composition of foods that are sold in stores, often include ingredients with the letter E and three or four digits (characteristic of additives). It refers to food additives, which are used throughout the world.

Dietary supplements include in the product in order to increase the shelf life and improve the nutritional properties of the product, giving it an attractive appearance. E The additives used as defoamers, thickeners, disintegrating agents, preservatives, stabilizers, flavor enhancers and flavor.

The code that follows begins with the letter E 1 denotes colorants (impart color saturated), 2 - preservatives (increase shelf life), 3 - antioxidants (used to prevent spoilage of the product), 4 - stabilizers (retain consistency of the product) and emulsifiers (added in order to maintain the structure) 6 - flavor enhancer, 9 - antifoaming agents, coating agents and sweeteners, 11 (four index) - enzyme substance.

Food additives with the letter E is replaced by natural and, consequently, reduce the price of the product. For example, for the production of Coca-Cola used one of the three parts of nuts and leaves of a tropical tree coca. The product was patented and sold as a medicine in a pharmacy. Later began to dilute the syrup with carbonated water. He was kept in the refrigerator up to a week.

If you now look at the composition of Coca-Cola, you will notice there is not a single letter E. That is why drink became so cheap and can be stored for several months.

Almost all of the food additives E - chemicals artificial origin. Therefore, even the most secure (e.g., E1404 - starch, E152 - charcoal, E500 - soda), they can cause individual reactions in sensitive individuals to these substances.

There are food additives E is strictly prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation:
E121 - citrus red dye;
E123 - red amaranth, a dye;
E240 - formaldehyde, a preservative;
E173 - powdered aluminum, which is used for decorating chocolates and confectionery.

There are allowed in Russia, and even harmless E. For example, E450 (stabilizer) - bones need phosphate, dye E163 - anthocyanins from grape skin.

But doctors, nevertheless, agree on one thing - even produced from natural raw materials additives undergo deep chemical treatment. Therefore, the consequences could be unpredictable. Therefore, make sure that you eat. And better yet, try not to eat foods that contain in its composition the letter E.

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