Calcium, ladies! Lack and excess

Calcium, ladies! Lack and excess
 The benefits of calcium in the body heard many. They are necessary to maintain the health of our bones and muscles, are part of the blood and affect teeth and metabolism. What else you need to know about calcium and its salts?

On the day of every adult should absorb at least 1 gram of calcium, although the body actually requires only 0, 5 g This occurs because the calcium ions in the blood absorbed by only half. Take calcium helps the body especially vitamin D. The greatest number of useful trace elements found in milk, meat, cheese, and it is well absorbed from soy, egg yolk, parsley and cabbage.

Calcium plays a very important role in metabolism. It protects the body from inflammation, increases blood clotting, is part of the cells of bones and teeth, affects the growth and normalizes the nerve cells. If the calcium in the body is missing, then can start worrying convulsions, increased bone fragility (a disease called osteoporosis), and this can cause serious fractures. Particularly vulnerable bones - this neck of the femur, wrist and spine. We can say that calcium is one of the main and trace elements vital to man. But there is an excess of calcium, and what he is dangerous?

Tap water in most cases contains too much calcium and magnesium salts. They can be seen in the kettle when the scale is formed. If you drink tap water unmitigated, the excess calcium through the blood gets into the connective tissue. Cells were dehydrated, compressed, so their activity is reduced. Excess calcium has a strong stress on the kidneys and can cause the development of urolithiasis. If the concentration in the blood is too large, it gives rise to hypercalcemia - a disease which is manifested by constipation, vomiting, loss of appetite and other disorders of the digestive system.

Ideal for removing excess salts is distilled water. It "will wash out" cells and carry with them the excess salt. However, it can always drink no longer than two weeks, in order not to wash out of the body and nutrients.

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