What cracks in the corners of his mouth

What cracks in the corners of his mouth
 Xeroderma lips can deliver significant inconvenience until bleeding. Therefore, it is desirable to know the cause of the problem and the methods of dealing with it.
 There are various causes of cracks in the corners of his mouth. For example, they may cause fungus. In this case, it can even spread to other parts of the face, such as the nostrils. Another sign of this disease - cracks appear at any time of year, not only in the winter. You can fight it only by special ointments antifungal action. You will be able to write their dermatologist.

Were significantly more likely to cause problems with lips are due to lack of vitamins in combination with unfavorable external environment for the skin. Such conditions often are added in winter and spring. In cold delicate skin of the lips is particularly sensitive. And at the same time, it is often not enough vitamins B2 and A, are responsible for healthy skin.

Fix a temporary problem you will actively use vitamins. Drink plenty of fresh juices. Do not forget the carrots - a safe source of vitamin A. And for its successful assimilation should eat vegetables with vegetable or animal oils, as it belongs to the category of fat-soluble. Drink a multivitamin and mineral complexes.

From existing cracks will help you get rid of the capsule with vitamin A. Carefully pierce them with a needle and the resulting oil pills grease corners of her mouth. For the prevention of use chapstick. Anoint her lips during the cold season before each exit to the street. You can pick up and a classic lipstick of any color with a moisturizing effect. Do not lick your lips too often, especially in the cold. From this, they will peel off and further increase the risk of cracking.

In rare cases, cause irritation of the lips can become allergic. In this case, try to change the lipstick or toothpaste - perhaps they cause a negative reaction. If this does not help, consult an allergist.

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