Vitamins for Women

Vitamins for Women
 Proper balanced diet helps to look good and feel great. Unfortunately, the rapid pace of daily life is not always possible to get all the necessary nutrients in the right amounts. Then come to the aid and vitamins. And the ones that are designed specifically for women - a great tool not only to support health, but also to extend the beauty and youth.

Active aging, malfunction of the immune and hormonal systems, fatigue, lethargy, discomfort in the menstrual period, specific women's diseases - all of which can be caused by a fragile female body lack of essential vitamins. The significance of vitamins for women's health and beauty have long been taken for granted. Even manufacturers of cosmetics and makeup products to include in their products different vitamin complexes.

Vitamin A through advertising of cosmetic products is known as retinol, but he not only restores skin elasticity and smoothness. Vitamin A - the strongest weapon in the fight against free radicals, it also supports the health and thickness of hair, helps the immune system to cope with various bacteria and viruses, increases the number of white blood cells, enhances visual acuity.

B vitamins are very important for women. A vitamin B6 is often called the female vitamin. In addition, it helps to strengthen the immune system and the nervous system supports this facilitates vitamin health during PMS and menopausal pregnancy prevents formation of some forms of cancer, maintains the balance of sex hormones and stimulates the metabolic processes in the body.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is known to many from his childhood. It not only enhances the body's immune defenses and promotes tissue regeneration, but also has a positive effect on mental state. Protecting food and hypothalamus, Vitamin C helps sex hormones produced and accumulated in the nerve cells along with other substances, improves mood.

Vitamin E is rightfully established himself as vitamin responsible for youthful skin. A powerful antioxidant that protects skin cells from premature aging and death. It promotes breathing all cells in the body, prevents the formation of blood clots, making blood more fluid, eliminating circulatory disorders. Estheticians often recommend that women use it together with vitamin A.

Each time a woman's life is important your vitamin. Vitamins such as D and K involved in the formation of bones and teeth, strengthens bone tissue, become necessary at a later age. Vitamin D is important as a prophylactic agent for osteoporosis, vitamin K and is responsible for blood clotting. Undoubtedly, health and beauty needs and other elements, such as iron, calcium and magnesium.

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