Useful properties of bread

Useful properties of bread
 From time immemorial, the bread in Russia was a faithful companion of any meal. But lately, people have become more pay attention to their health, and a major figure and bread somehow become regarded as one of the main enemies of the waist. But we forget that "bread - a head" and at least this is a very useful product for the organism.

What primarily refuses woman, sitting on a diet? Very often the bread. This decision was not entirely correct. Bread - not the main enemy of the waist, the more so now grocery shelves crammed from dietary grain products, which not only will throw you centimeters, but rather help to lose.

Bread - one of the main sources of vitamin B in our diets, and as soon as you begin to receive less it will become more irritable, irascible, and the mood is not very positive. It is this vitamin is a regulator of the nervous system and the defense against stress.

Bread - an indispensable source of fiber. Remove the bread from the diet and are likely to encounter in violation of the chair, because improves intestinal tissue, and the lack of it can lead to unnecessary intoxication. Rejecting the bread, you can get muscle flaccidity, laxity of the skin and even cellulite. The reason - the great content in the bread we need amino acids, especially in wheat varieties.

Vegetable protein bread is no less than in potatoes, beans and grains. Rich bread and carbohydrates (in wheat are more), and fat in it very little. Finally, there is a desired body bread minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, and iron.

The most common question that arises in people on bread - what kind of bread is more useful, wheat or rye? Wheat bread Rye-calorie, so people who are prone to be overweight, lean on him is not necessary. Rye bread, wholemeal useful for most, but it is not recommended for people with high acidity, gastric ulcer and gastritis. In these cases, preferably wheat bread.

By the way, the approximate rate of bread for an adult with a varied diet - 300-500 grams per day.

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