The more dangerous solar activity

The more dangerous solar activity
 Surely you once in my life heard warning of increased solar activity. This caveat is important for people who are sensitive to magnetic storms resulting from solar flares. So how does the sun manages to affect the health and well-being of the inhabitants of the planet Earth?
 Solar flares are the most powerful explosions near a sunspot group. The average flash energy exceeds the energy of a large eruption of the volcano in about ten million times. When this begins to be ejected solar substance which consists of charged particles - plasma. Plasma moving in interplanetary space at supersonic speeds, and creates a powerful shock waves caused by a magnetic storm in a collision with our planet.

All people react differently to the ongoing outbreak. The first group includes those who feel the solar activity immediately responding during an outbreak in the enhanced radiation. The second group of people feel it with some delay for one or two days, which corresponds to the time the motion of the plasma to the planet Earth. The reaction is similar in both groups - dizziness, headaches, irritability and pain in the heart. Depressed mood is more characteristic of the first group of people.

With increased solar activity changes and the magnetic field of the planet, and this is primarily reflected in the people's health. As practice shows, during the most powerful solar flares occur deterioration of the weak and sick people (especially those suffering from hypertension). It was during this period significantly increases the number of accidents and increased the number of patients admitted to the hospital.

However, solar activity disturbs not only man, it literally excites the entire Earth. No wonder noticed that more and more earthquakes occur when a large number of sunspots. Solar flares can trigger the beginning of the epidemic, it is believed that the human body in the days of high solar activity generates a large number of lymphocytes, but the activity of these protective cells is reduced. As a result, the human body loses its ability to resist disease.

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