The healing properties of lingonberry

The healing properties of lingonberry
 Evergreen subshrub cranberries plant grows in mixed and coniferous forests and peatland. At the end of August - September, it bears fruit sour, but pleasant to the taste of berries, which are also very useful, because they contain a set of biologically active substances. They have on the body-round action from fortified to the treatment. Possess healing properties and leaves cranberries.  
 Lingonberry berries contain many biologically active substances, sugar, tannin compounds, organic acids: malic, salicylic, ursolic, lactic, benzoic. Last acid largely determines the useful properties of cranberries, because it is able to inhibit the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, making it a bright red berry has antimicrobial and antifungal activity. Cowberry leaves no less useful. Decoction of them has a disinfectant and diuretic effects.

In folk medicine, berries and leaves lingonberry used for internal and external treatment. Arthritis, gout, osteochondrosis and some diseases of the kidneys is brewed the leaves and drink the broth a few tablespoons a day. At high temperature, cold, headache, cough drink fresh juice from the berries cranberries. He has antipyretic and thirst-quenching effect. Gastritis with low acidity, diarrhea, goiter, neurosis, vitamin deficiency, anemia, diabetes is recommended to use boiled or baked berries or juice from them. In leukemia cranberries useful in any form.

Lingonberry has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, so it is recommended to use in gastric cancer and skin. For this purpose, and a decoction of the leaves, cranberries, fresh berries and juice from them. Regular use of the same lingonberry is an excellent prevention of these diseases.

For external use cranberries are used to strengthen the hair, dandruff, sunburn, mouthwash in stomatitis, fungal skin lesions and as an antimicrobial and disinfectant. For these cases, more likely to use a decoction of the leaves than the berries and juice.

Despite the many useful medicinal properties lingonberry for its fresh consumption have contraindications. This peptic ulcer and 12 tiperstnoj intestines, and some kidney diseases.

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