The cause of depression lies in the diet?

The cause of depression lies in the diet?
 It is said that a healthy diet can extend for many years to the life of man. Food - building material that helps updated throughout the body, including the nervous system. Because unbalanced diet can lead to malfunctions. But in addition to diets affect the body, and many other factors.
 First of all, we should understand that depression - is not just depression and mood decline, which are periodically exposed to almost anyone. Social networks can be seen as distributed "fashion" for depression, especially among young girls. Parting with a loved one, a quarrel, the unfortunate result of the exam - the result of one: the status of "I'm depressed." Meanwhile, depression - a very specific medical term. This is a real disease that passes from one friendly call or a shopping trip. So do not put yourself unnecessary diagnoses and consider how their despondency not bring to this depression.

The reason for this disease is becoming an internal breach - an imbalance of certain substances in the body necessary for normal nervous activity. That is why during hormonal disorders or hormonal changes (eg, puberty) is often mood swings. A person may have a genetic predisposition to such failures. And they can cause stress, decreased immunity, disorders of the endocrine system. Naturally, such effects can lead an unhealthy diet that disrupts the internal organs. Furthermore, the lack of certain vitamins and amino acids leads to a hormonal imbalance.

Nevertheless, the food itself is unlikely to be the cause of mental illness. Human behavior, his occupation, way of thinking and a way of life - all of which can equally contribute to the development of depression. Each the disease manifests itself in different ways. Someone to treat enough healthy food and walks in the fresh air, while others only help the strong hormonal preparations.

With regard to prevention of depression, but this diet can help. Eat foods rich in vitamins. The most useful thing - fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly plucked from the garden. Synthesis "hormone of joy" of serotonin contribute to the substances contained in bananas, dates, cocoa beans. But do not forget that any product should not be abused. In the diet can be introduced foods containing fatty acids (fish and seafood). Useful pure vegetable oils. With protein food should be careful, because the high content of protein may reduce production of the hormone. However, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism and, building on this, pick up his diet. And of course, do not forget about physical activity, walking and a healthy lifestyle.

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