Spices guard health

Spices guard health
 Spices - an integral part of any national cuisine. But few people know that the seasoning in life play a role not only flavor, but also medicinal. Thus, spices can be used in the treatment of any disease. It is only important to understand how each action has a condiment.

Consider the most common spices, their effect on the organism and indications for the treatment of diseases.

Black pepper is used in the treatment of anemia, neurasthenia, exhaustion. This seasoning improves digestion, helps to cure a number of diseases of the urinary tract. Black pepper increases the secretion of gastric and intestinal glands. Apply spice recommended with caution, as it has a very strong effect. Black pepper daily dosage should not exceed 6 grains. Otherwise, you can cause serious damage to the stomach.

Red pepper has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to treat colds. Spice affects the body as a febrifuge, and also great human warmth inside in cold weather. Red pepper cures diseases of blood vessels, contributing to their cleaning and strengthening the walls. This spice used in medicine as an appetizer, which has a good effect on the digestive tract. As in the case of black pepper, red must be eaten within reasonable limits.

Bay leaf helps boost the body's immunity. Special decoction of bay leaf helps to fight tuberculosis, allergies, diseases of the joints, diabetes, sinusitis. This spice is well removes toxins from the body.

Anise is used in whooping cough and bronchitis. It acts as an expectorant.

Mustard - a top aide for colds. This results in excellent spice that the blood feeding area of ​​the body to which it is applied. Famous mustard improve lung function. If you pour the spice in the toes, then feet in cold weather warmed for a few minutes.

All of the above spice can consume a normal daily food or as a prophylaxis specifically used for the treatment of diseases.

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